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November 5, 2018
Motivations for Pursuing Growth by Mergers & Acquisitions: The Seven “C” Incentives for Doing a Deal

Vast opportunities exist when experts can effectively implement an acquisition strategy as a means for reducing costs, gaining access to new business and increasing enterprise value. Doing a deal is easy, implementing one is far more difficult. Risks and pitfalls are inherent in the integration process. That does not mean that many a botched deal—particularly...

September 4, 2018
Brutalities of the Buy-Side: Some Areas That Make Buy-Side M&A So Difficult

There is an oft-quoted (and perhaps apocryphal or fabricated) statistic that business acquisitions have the same failure rate as startups. A quick Google reference for me neither confirms nor denies. However, that general rule is that most acquisitions certainly do not yield the intended or pretended synergies the internal buy-side M&A peddlers initially promulgate. In...