Buy-Side M&A for Business Growth

Delivering accretive, off-market, not-for-sale companies for maximizing inorganic business growth.

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Our Process

Our basic buy-side merger and acquisition process
for optimal inorganic growth.
  • Buy-Side Planning

    Establish a buy-side merger and acquisition plan aligned with global corporate strategy. Assess and shore-up management preparedness for M&A strategy implementation.
  • Gauge Financial Readiness

    Bolster financial readiness for executing on various transaction structures, including debt and equity capital sources.
  • M&A Criteria Alignment

    Develop detailed and disciplined target screening criteria based on internal financial and strategic goals.
  • Target Industry Research

    Provide detailed research, analysis and feedback of intended target industry. Develop a detailed target profile, including expected valuation and desired financial metrics.
  • List Building

    Detailed target list building based on target profiling and industry analysis.
  • Target Outreach

    Execute on target marketing plan with direct, hands-on outreach to desired target list including phone, email, letter and direct management meetings.
  • Engage Targets

    Select optimum target candidates among various willing participants.
  • Letter of Intent

    Present acquisition offer via Letter of Intent (LOI) to intended optimum target. Negotiate deal structure and major deal points with target seller.
  • Due Diligence

    Present acquisition offer via Letter of Intent (LOI) to intended optimum target.
  • Closing

    Negotiate the definitive agreement toward an amicable close.
  • Target Integration

    Integrate target business with parent based on pre-arranged acquisition strategy.

Buy-Side Mergers and Acquisitions

Delivering a steady pipeline of off-market, “not for sale” acquisition targets.

Inorganic growth through strategic horizontal and vertical acquisitions is no easy task. Middle-market organizations looking toward buy-side acquisitions as a growth strategy can benefit greatly from using outside M&A advisory assistance in sourcing, vetting, financing, closing and integrating targets that meet their internal investment mandates.

Building Accretive Value

The ideal scenario for a successful buy-side M&A engagement includes the delivery of multiple companies that are not currently for sale. This pre-emptive approach ensures the elimination of price competition among multiple offers from other strategic and financial buyers. As the saying goes, “you make your money on the buy.”

A complete buy-side process ideally delivers multiple buy-side target choices sourced and presented to you—the interested buyer. This is in start contrast to the more common passive approach toward deal sourcing wherein individual deals are presented one at a time.

By utilizing advanced technology, seller data and the right predictive analytics for buy-side success, we help to deliver accretive deals, adding to overall enterprise value. In doing so, our processes help ensure access to the most relevant information including real-time data updates; greater access to more buyer data; increased speed of sourcing and quality, compressed due diligence.

Our Fees

Simple fees for complex engagements
Every active, client engagement includes a recurring monthly engagement fee. This monthly fee includes the services of multiple M&A consulting professionals, including licensed investment bankers, but is typically less than what one would pay for even a full-time associate. The engagement fee typically escalates as clients move toward due diligence and close. However, our engagement fee is treated as a fully-credited “draw” against any future success fee at the time of acquisition.
The bulk of our compensation is based on the contingency of a closed transaction. A reasonable, market-rate success fee is included once the client has successfully closed a quality deal with the target company. Only a single buy-side engagement fee is required, while multiple success fees may be paid over the life of a long-term engagement.
Pre-approved, ancillary out-of-pocket expenses (e.g. travel) incurred during the length of the engagement will be reimbursed by the client.

Tailored & Technological

We tailor each engagement, boosting accountability with software & client reporting

Our Clients

Our buy-side merger and acquisition clients include middle-market companies with TTM revenues greater than $10M, family offices, private equity groups and independent sponsors. The respective buy-side mandates of each group can vary widely. Consequently, we work directly with our clients to tailor the acquisition strategy, matching it with the relevant buyer profile. Our services can be geared toward providing sourcing, courting, due diligence, closing and integration resources for active buyers looking to source that single blockbuster deal or for those looking for more regular add-on or bolt-on acquisition target opportunities.

Our Tools

As part of our tech-enabled buy-side process, we utilize custom-built customer relationship management (CRM) software, project manager applications, marketing automation and deal research/tracking tools for maximizing outcome probability. As a result, we not only are able to provide more transparency and accountability to the overall process, but we can do so in a real-time fashion. For instance, client buyers can login to our advanced system and get active feedback and data regarding recent target outreach for relevant sellers.

Transaction Financing

Shoring-up Debt & Equity Financing for M&A

While the most active business buyers typically have at least some equity to make meaningful purchases, it is rare that all acquired deals are done with 100% equity. In fact, the most active buyers are regularly sourcing financing from various outside sources including public and private debt and mezzanine funds. In addition, some deals may also require the inclusion and round-out of some portion of equity to complete a transaction.

We also work with individual and corporate buyers in sourcing the proper financing for their next single or series of acquisition targets, filling the capital stack with the financing required to close more quality mandates.

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