Real Estate Investing

Investments in real estate are nearly as broad as those in private equity. While we do maintain a focused approach on real estate projects, we can be somewhat generalists, depending on the nature of the deal and the timing of the capital. In capital formation for quality, hand-selected real estate projects, we work as both principals and brokers on real estate capital deals across a number of key segments.

We work with and provide capital consulting for real estate projects across the real estate capital stack, including debt, equity and mezzanine lending. Our real estate practice includes direct access to qualified institutional and individual accredited investors, looking to place investments across a wide variety of residential and commercial investment projects. We are currently U.S.-only focused.

Focus Areas

  • Residential real estate
  • General commercial real estate
  • Multifamily properties
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Mobile home parks
  • Raw land investments
  • Farm and agriculture
  • Retail and shopping
  • Industrial and utility
Real Estate Capital


We advise our clients on debt and equity offerings for residential and commercial real estate transactions. Our capital markets expertise and industry contacts range from private placements to public offerings, including both institutional and individual investors. By providing experienced counsel and disciplined execution, we consistently deliver on client strategy. Our expertise bridges across the changing real estate landscape and the dynamic, changing nature of today’s capital stack.



We work with developers, engineers and project visionaries to create a path that begins and development and ends at ultimate exit. By working with our clients throughout the life of their projects, we are able to build long-lasting relationships not only with the clients, but also with the would-be acquiring groups. We work on the public and private side of mergers, acquisitions and financing transactions in residential and commercial real estate.



Our team provides research and analysis beginning at the dirt to the completed structure. We combine the expertise of general market analysis utilizing the most well-known databases with the proper deal structuring for optimized tax and incentive packages for each deal. From start to finish, we provide an end-to-end research engine, allowing our clients and their associated investors to ultimately maximize ROI.



We implement advanced and time-tested deal processes employed along with current technology for maximizing efficiency in real estate capital transactions. Our industry contacts are not only single to none, they are also maintained and managed by advanced project management, CRM and process automation tools, giving our clients the ability to have transparent clarity over deal processes at every stage in the transaction lifecycle.

Commercial Real Estate


Our experienced office real estate team provides our clients with unparallelled real estate investment banking advisory in the development, acquisition, financing, disposition and recapitalization of office properties in all major real estate markets across the United States. WIth a expanded network of knowledgeable office real estate experts, we boast access to both high quality deals and the ability to deliver premium advisory solutions above competing firms. Our team and its extended network have decades of combined experience in understanding the various nuanced needs of all aspects of office real estate, reaching from the highest echelons of the Fortune 100 to smaller start-ups. This unique combination becomes beneficial to our clients’ ultimate end-goals as it relates to their respective transaction requirements.

Additionally, our network of experienced and dedicated equity and debt partners help to analyze and assess each potential transaction from every possible direction, ensuring the best possible results and outcomes for our clients. Included in the ability to tap into industry-specific knowledge, our deal network and capital sources provide the leverage to close transactions quickly and efficiently--which has a significant boon to our clients’ ultimate deal success.

Hotel & Hospitality


Our hospitality team includes extended network participants with experience across the capital markets spectrum, encompassing the gambit of hospitality real estate transactions, including resort, urban and suburban locations across North America. Our extended network has worked on the financing and disposition side for resorts, hotels (including self-service hotel portfolios), lifestyle properties and debt/equity capital formation projects.

With a successful track record in hospitality real estate investing, we use our expertise to provide highly-specialized advisory services with the best possible structure for both clients and investors alike. We pride ourselves on doing complex tasks well, including delivering superior results to our clients.

Retail Commercial


Our retail real estate investment banking team works with clients across North America in the disposition, recapitalization and equity capital raising for nearly every type of retail property, including neighborhood centers, mixed-use assets, luxury centers, regional malls, urban street retail, power centers and many more. We tap an unparalleled network of capital markets experts across the retail real estate sector, creating custom-tailored strategies for meeting the unique objectives of our clients.

Our retail transaction team works with clients on nearly every asset type and transaction structure including hedged financing, fixed financing, floating financing, permanent financing, construction funding, forward formation, project-specific finance and join venture finance. Because the transaction team includes direct investment banking experience in a variety of areas, we are able to create a streamlined approach for creating the most efficient deal outcomes for investors and issuers alike.

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