New York Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

For over 30 years, M& has led the way in Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory in New York, and today we are helping our clients tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. We do this by partnering with them to make strategic and financial decisions rapidly and effectively. M& has been at the forefront of the M&A industry in the New York marketplace for years. Our firm has built an unparalleled reputation for thoughtful and strategic transactions and deal structuring. We specialize in transactions across a number of sectors and industries. We work closely with our clients to identify and evaluate strategic acquisition targets using industry-leading criteria.  We review the risks and rewards of all transactions and help clients devise an effective course of action to achieve their business objectives, whether through the consummation of a transaction or otherwise. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, a family business looking to streamline succession planning, or a corporation looking to merge with another company, our team is always here and happy to help. Our experienced New York mergers & acquisition advisors, investment bankers, and attorneys provide practical solutions for your individual needs. Our attorneys have decades of experience advising on all aspects of M&A transactions. Our team is highly multi-talented and has the ability to handle matters from a corporate, litigation, or tax perspective. We leverage our core strengths of competitive intelligence, deal strategy, and clinical legal acumen in order to help both public and private companies make the most educated possible decisions when it comes to doing business with one another.

Helping You From Start To Finish

Our Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory team here in M& uses successful M&A deal-making strategies to help sell businesses throughout Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. We will structure your business for the best fit in the market, establishing its value, price, and competitive advantage. Our expertise in business sales is anchored by intelligent decision-making, outstanding business analysis, and effective negotiation. Our team provides strategic advisory and execution for a broad range of corporate, growth, and complex transactions. We are engaged jointly with our clients during planning and execution, providing global resources with the ability to quickly mobilize teams wherever needed. The expertise we offer in mergers & acquisitions, portfolio strategies, operational improvement, reorganizations & wind-downs can help companies determine which business combinations or divestitures will yield the best returns. You need a Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory firm that will sell your company. You deserve the best, and that’s what we deliver. We have developed an uncompromising reputation for delivering results, counsel, and hard work.

Looking To Expand Your Business in New York?

M&A activities in the US are among the largest in the world. The M&A deals activity in the US is primarily concentrated in 10 states, including New York. The M&A market provides a great opportunity for this sector as it involves buying a business, restructuring, and growing new markets. These deals require experts who understand how to analyze and enhance strategic transactions at the time of acquisition. This has been made possible by a New York-based advisory firm that supports such growth initiatives and encourages high-value acquisitions within selected industries. With more than 30 years of experience, we provide world-class service to help you evaluate, pursue, and optimize acquisitions through financial modeling, providing the technical know-how needed to make the right business and financing decisions to drive value and return. We conduct thorough diligence on potential targets and are experts at assisting our clients in building offers that address target weaknesses for negotiation success.

Providing Our Clients With Effective M&A Solutions

If you are thinking of selling your business or acquiring a new business, the New York City area is a great place to do it. This is the “capital of the world” when it comes to world-class business service firms with extensive experience in Mergers & Acquisitions advisory, Corporate Finance, Private Equity, and Business Valuation. Given the increasing number of merger and acquisitions advisory services available in the market, having a deal with a trustworthy and reliable company is the wisest decision in order to have a competitive edge in the industry. That is why our mergers and acquisition advisory services will help you make sense of the tangled web of mergers and acquisitions. With our careful, calculated advice and unparalleled experience as a mergers and acquisition advisor, you can rest easy knowing that your business won’t get caught up in the tangle. Most importantly, your business will be on top among the rest of the industry. Associate with us now and seal the deal with the leading M&A Advisors today!


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