Maine Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Maine Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory is an independent business and strategic advisory firm based in Portland, Maine. We have a proven track record of success by leveraging our combined experience and expertise to deliver high-impact growth strategies for small to medium-sized businesses–helping clients achieve a competitive advantage, maximize value, and realize their full potential. We work with management teams and boards to design and develop custom solutions that deliver value for our clients’ businesses and operations. We have an outstanding track record across a variety of industries, providing our clients cutting-edge research, investment strategies, and unparalleled technological platforms. We are committed to fostering long-lasting relationships with clients through collaboration and leadership. Our services include merger advice, strategic business planning, management consulting, and performance improvement initiatives.

Working With A State-of-the-Art Valuation System

Maine is a state with high rankings for business-friendly policies, low cost of living, and a strong economy. It’s no wonder that more and more companies are moving to, or expanding in, Maine. It’s a great place. We can help you sell your business in Maine. We have resources and connections that can help you find the right buyer for your business. Valuations are prepared by our team of professional Certified Business Intermediaries with our state-of-the-art online business valuation system. We also have the knowledge and relationships to help you navigate the path of selling your business in Maine . We use a proven process and market data to ensure that your business has the greatest possible value when it is sold. We are a friendly, professional firm, with years of experience in helping businesses make the right decision, every time. We are a team of expert advisors that will work closely with you to help ensure your business makes the right decision every time. We do it all, from preparation and planning to execution and beyond.

Make Use Of Our Vast Network Of Local Maine Business Owners

Maine is one of the fastest-growing economies in the country. The Maine economy is driven by large and small businesses with the majority being owner-managed, family-run, and privately owned. These businesses are ripe for being purchased or acquired and as a result, there is a sizable pool of industries that can be targeted. If you are thinking about buying a business in Maine, Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory can help you. Buying a business can be exciting, but intimidating. You will need to find the right business, negotiate terms and agreements, and manage several different things throughout the sale process. We will connect you with qualified vendors, provide legal support, and help with marketing strategies. We work as a resource for our clients during the sales process. We make sure to follow up on our promises and help ease the tension that you might feel while trying to figure out everything there is to know about buying a business. When you purchase a business, you take on the responsibilities of the seller. You will manage their obligations and debt for some time, as well as making decisions about employment and other effects on the local community. We are experts at helping buyers find solid businesses in Maine. If you’re interested, we can provide you with a list of great businesses for sale—all you need to do is sift through them and make your choice! We care deeply about your business and helping it grow. The experienced team at M& is here to guide you in the right direction.

Avail Our Complete M&A Services

The team at M& is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners. We do that by connecting you to the people that matter most, enabling you to make informed decisions that advance your business. Fear no project. Our team has the talent, expertise, and resources to help you grow into your next big thing. Whether you’re looking to sell your business or you need capital to help scale it, we’ll give you a clear roadmap on who you need to talk to and what your next steps should be. Contact our hotline or email us for more information.


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