Capital Consulting

Flexible, Creative Financial Innovative Solutions for Any Industry Sector

We are an asset management and research firm with a unique combination of industry sector experience and expertise in providing and delivering innovative solutions. Our team is comprised of the best talent in the industry—true talent with the impressive drive and integrity to think outside the box and provide companies with innovative solutions that spark new opportunities and facilitate growth.

Our Strategy and Investment Focus

We provide financing to small- and medium-sized companies across various industry sectors, which includes leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, refinancing and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Our team of financial experts focuses on secured lending, investments, structured preferred stock and equity investments.
We are also focused on building, developing, and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, and make commitments that facilitate financial solutions to support the growth needs of our customers.

Some of our commitments amount to up $200 million. We work across a broad range of industries, and our professionals have a deep understanding of those target industries. We believe that industry sector knowledge is crucial to tailoring financial solutions to an investor or company’s specific growth needs, and to ensure that those solutions are properly and efficiently executed.

Our Offerings

Our team has a lengthy history of successful transactions, demonstrating our ability to boost growth for our borrowers. We believe that an appropriate blend of capital flexibility and sector experience has been incremental in delivering results to companies. When working with our team, our borrowers and clients get the best of the best in solutions and service.

  • Flexible, creative financial investment and financing solutions
  • Sizable, fully committed, long-term financing
  • Dedicated middle market focus
  • Deep sector experience
  • Strong track record of facilitating growth
  • Partnership approach with relationship-driven focus
  • Straightforward and transparent process

Our customized financing solutions and efficient transaction process provide greater certainty for companies.

Industry Experience

As mentioned above, we believe that our wide range of industry sector experience has allowed us to provide truly innovative and unique financial solutions that are aligned with diversified business models. Additionally, our deep industry experience enhances our ability to be creative and efficient while providing high quality solutions that drive high-level results.

Our focus industry sectors include:

  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Business Services (including tech providers)
  • Communications/IT Infrastructure and Services
  • Consumer Staples
  • Energy
  • Franchising
  • Healthcare/HCIT
  • Industrial
  • Restaurants
  • Software/SaaS
  • Specialty Finance
  • Transportation and Logistics

Our Focus is on Your Company’s Financial Future and Growth

Companies face financial challenges and opportunities every day. By working with a professional asset management and financial investment firm, companies can ensure that these opportunities are aligned with a company’s growth goals and that are also within reach.

Through our unique combination of industry sector experience and expertise, our ability to brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions, to perform in-depth research, and to provide collective insights, we can help companies prepare for what’s next, and help them to plan for growth and the future.

Discover more about how our history and our successful track record have made solving investors’ challenges possible.