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Greenfield Mergers & Acquisitions is an investment banking firm that provides merger and acquisition services to small to medium-sized companies that are in the commodity business. We were founded years ago to provide corporate finance advisory services to corporate and financial sponsors in the energy, transportation, and industrial manufacturing sectors. We provide high-net-worth individuals and private equity firms with a wide range of services, and we begin our process by listening and learning about their company and business goals, dreams, and hopes. We were an international business organization that helps companies grow while mitigating risks related to market expansion.

The company offers one-stop shopping by helping its clients identify, evaluate, and complete mergers and acquisitions, develop associated debt financing, and facilitate tax planning. The company’s activities range across the entire cross-border of Mergers & Acquisitions life cycle. We focus on making smaller, strategic acquisitions in well-established businesses, rather than seeking out developmental or turnaround opportunities. We have a high-quality business that possesses proven track records, is well-run and profitable, often has dominant positions in attractive markets, and requires little to no capital expenditures or overhead reduction to fuel profitable growth.

Sell Your Business in Greenfield

When you sell your business you need to know that there are no surprises. If it takes longer than expected, or if you get less than hoped for, the only thing lost is time and money. The best way to guard against risk is to get an experienced, knowledgeable business appraiser involved at the beginning of your planning. The company will help you take a realistic look at selling, provide information on how to plan the process smoothly, and steer you away from known pitfalls!

Greenfield Mergers & Acquisitions will help you through the process of selling your business, partnership, or sole proprietorship, including evaluating your alternatives and introducing you to qualified buyers. We’ll help you generate results by performing an analysis on your company that includes identifying the core elements of why your business is valuable. Then we’ll present the information in a clear, concise marketing brochure that will be sent directly to qualified prospective buyers. Our team of professionals is experts in providing you with all the right solutions for your company. Partner with us, and we will help you sell your business quickly, and at a fair price. We had years of experience in selling businesses, and we take pride in doing our work.

Buy a Business in Greenfield

When you are considering buying a business there are many things that you need to take into consideration before you enter into an agreement of sale. Especially when you’re in the market for a new business, you must consider the possible risks associated with making such an important decision. From taxes and fees to employee poaching and activist investors, where there’s money to be made, there’s also risk involved.

Greenfield Mergers & Acquisitions specializes in helping clients purchase businesses at the best possible value through carefully managed Mergers & Acquisitions transactions. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for that next acquisition target or an executive with deep operating experience looking to join a winning team, our acquisition services can help you achieve your professional and financial aspirations. Our expert team services can identify companies for sale, even if they are not publicized, and assist in the negotiation of the transaction to ensure that you get the deal you want. Our tailored business protection solutions mean that, when you buy a business, you can be sure that our company will be protecting your investment. We will help you buy a business and grow it together with our team that has many experiences in handling clients that want to buy a business.

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Greenfield Mergers & Acquisitions provides professional services to assist entrepreneurs in deciding whether they want to buy or sell a business. We bring extensive industry knowledge, proven business acumen, corporate finance experience, business diligence capabilities, and extensive strategic consulting experience to the process of buying or selling a small or middle-market company. Our company seeks to help people like you that want to achieve their goals. We’d love to help you! We will help you navigate this exciting yet sometimes extremely complex process. Contact us now to discuss your needs!