Newport News Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions is a premier service that can be provided by a company that has the knowledge and expertise needed to bring together two brands. At M&, we have the vision to meet the unique needs of a company facing this type of challenge. We can provide a strategic path to help you consider your options in the most efficient way possible, so you can make the best decisions for your corporation. We all know way too well how a client’s reputation is at risk when faced with a merger or acquisition. That is why our Merger & Acquisition practice brings together the team approach, experience, and sophisticated tools necessary to ensure a smart decision and effective implementation of the transaction. We advise both buyers and sellers on all aspects of mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances, joint ventures, divestitures and restructuring, leveraged buyouts, corporate governance, executive compensation agreements, and shareholder activism. We are experts at matching the best-qualified candidates from entrepreneurs, industry leaders, C-level executives, senior managing directors, and venture capitalists with opportunities for career advancement.

In M&, we have been progressively building on our service strengths to offer a comprehensive array of corporate finance services to our clients. Corporate finance services include mergers and acquisitions, joint venture advisory, private equity, and direct investments, turnarounds, strategic restructuring advisory, liquidity advisory, restructuring support services & advice, corporate restructuring services, and valuations. Our Mergers & Acquisitions lawyers assist in the planning, structuring, and implementing the sale of all forms of business. Our M&A legal team is made up of nearly 50 attorneys with a wide range of expertise in all aspects of M&A work. This diversity provides companies looking to merge with or acquire another company a streamlined experience while working with the same group of legal professionals from start to finish. Our M&A lawyers have extensive experience representing clients within many types of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, food service, transportation/logistics, media & entertainment, and leisure & hospitality. We can ensure you that we can deliver high-quality results in just a short amount of time.

Putting Your Business in Front Of Prospective Buyers

In M&, we make it easier for you to sell a business in Mergers & Acquisitions. Our experienced capital markets team has an excellent track record of locating the right investors for your business. We focus on creating the absolute best possible enterprise value for all of our clients. Our team combines strong financial analysis with a deep operational and strategic perspective to identify opportunities to create cross-selling, revenue, and cost synergies for clients, enhance the overall customer experience and provide more cost-efficient service. We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of friendly and professional service. We can help you whether you want to sell your entire company or just one division. You can always count on us that we will tell you how we can help put your business on the path to growth.

Explore The Variety Of Purchase Options

M& will be your partner in the whole process of acquiring or merging with another company. Whether it could be purchasing land, buildings, or raw material, or even consolidating your firm’s position in terms of market share, we will be your guide. We provide you with the most up-to-date and most useful information regarding understanding, analyzing, and applying strategies to buy businesses. We provide a range of key topics such as globalization and emerging economies, due diligence, strategic alternatives, current trends in governance structures, and tax issues related to ownership changes. By purchasing target companies with strong fundamentals, M& offers opportunities for rewarding investments that may be attractive to the individual investor or investment company.

Get Advice From Certified M&A Professionals

Our team of professionals here at M& helps businesses with mergers and acquisitions. We’ve been involved in hundreds of purchases, sales, and exits that have reached an optimal result for both the buyer and seller. Whether you want to start a business in Mergers & Acquisitions or acquire an existing business, we are always ready to help. Our network of Mergers & Acquisitions professionals are standing by to assist you with every step of the process. Get in touch with our M&A experts now!