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Spartanburg Mergers & Acquisitions is a privately held firm headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The company was established to procure the diverse needs of the local business community. We have been successful in conducting several mergers and acquisitions recently within our city and surrounding counties. We assist corporations, private equity firms, and attorneys with strategic planning and decision-making to maximize shareholder value and increase market share. All of our service providers are highly-trained experts within their fields. We provide advice to both private companies and public firms who are seeking strategic solutions to boost growth.

We were founded years ago, there were no other Mergers & Acquisitions firms serving small-cap, growth-oriented companies in the Southeast. Our founders saw this need and filled it. Since then, the firm has grown into one of the nation’s largest Mergers & Acquisitions boutiques with professionals operating. Our professionals understand the importance of transacting business in an efficient manner, supporting our client’s growth objectives. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients built upon trust and respect.

Sell Your Business in Spartanburg

The sale of a business is an important move in the life cycle of any company. It’s complicated. it can be risky, and things can go wrong in ways you never expect. There are numerous factors to consider, including your obligations to employees, taxes, financing, legal fees, regulatory compliance, and government programs. Let us guide you through the process safely, effectively, and efficiently.

We can help you identify your assets, analyze your company’s worth, and find potential buyers who are looking to acquire businesses just like yours. We have years of experience in the Mergers & Acquisitions industry, so you can be sure that your merger or acquisition will be handled efficiently and discreetly. Whether you want to sell part or all of your business, you can trust our experienced team to work on your behalf. Services include but are not limited to establishing the value of your business, minimizing taxes related to the sale, specific company sales, sales by private treaty, or sales through an auction process.

Buy a Business in Spartanburg

Purchasing a business can be an exciting opportunity or an extremely risky proposition. Many factors must be considered before investing in any entrepreneurial venture including the acquisition of other companies that will play out financially. The most significant risk factor associated with buying a business is the entrepreneurial risks associated with the acquisition and subsequent operation of the business.

Spartanburg Mergers & Acquisitions specializes in assisting you in purchasing a small business by providing the resources and knowledge needed to make a profitable investment. We help you analyze risks and provide solutions to help you minimize failure. Our goal is to help you successfully navigate through each step of your Mergers & Acquisitions transaction, from the time of acquisition consideration through closing and beyond. We do not simply find businesses for sale on behalf of our clients, we help our clients to consider buying a business that complements their existing business or offers an exit strategy if the owner is retiring or moving on.

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Spartanburg Mergers & Acquisitions is dedicated to helping clients like you in buying or selling a business. We can provide information that will steer you through the process. We provide services that enable you to position your business for sale, both locally and globally–including innovative marketing strategies, executive marketing programs, valuation/appraisal guidance, and much more. Let our team guide you through the mergers and acquisitions process. We will help you with negotiating and drafting agreements, regulatory issues, tax and accounting implications, employee relationships and compensation as well as any foreseeable difficulties. Our goal is to see your business through the transition as smoothly as possible. Whether you are planning to sell an existing business, purchase one or diversify your holdings, we can help! Contact us today!