Florence Mergers & Acquisitions is one of the most prominent and outstanding private equity funds in South Carolina. Founded years ago, our firm provides merger and acquisition services to clients around the world, concentrating our efforts in the marketplaces. With years of experience in residential real estate development, construction management, and private wealth management, the founding partners joined forces with an international team of top deal-makers to respond to client needs with fast service and unprecedented quality. We strive for excellence in all areas including expertise, knowledge within our field of expertise, relationships with relevant.

We are renowned for our experience, expertise, and approachable team. We are an innovative, powerful, and highly flexible solution designed to make it easy for you to find, evaluate and acquire businesses. The purpose of our company is to provide to its clients a complete package of services in the area of mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, balance sheet optimization, restructuring of balance sheets through re-capitalization.

Sell Your Business in Florence

The sale of a business is often the most exciting and rewarding milestone in an owner’s career. However, it can also be one of the most challenging aspects of running a company. Most owners seek a fair price from a qualified buyer and expect a proper sales process that is conducted with integrity and maximizing the opportunity to realize the full value of their companies.

Florence Mergers and Acquisitions specializes in helping our clients achieve these goals. So we can also help you sell your business. We have years of experience in selling a business. We handled hundreds of people/client’s that want to sell their business quickly, and we are happy to say that all of our clients says that we did a great job in doing our work. We offer a professional, efficient and objective assessment of value and we advise on how to achieve this often complex process. We will help you get a good deal for your business. We can help you because unlike other professionals, we are interested in selling your business regardless of its current size, structure, profitability, locations, customers, products, or services. Our only interest is to find buyers who will grow your company!

Buy a Business in Florence

When you are thinking about buying a business, figuring out what to buy can be complex. You have to think not only about the financial aspects of the deal but also about intangible issues related to culture, work environment, relationships, and more. Overmore, you also need to think of the risk and problem you’ll going to face when buying a business.

However, if you find an advisor who is an expert in buying businesses, you are lucky! We can help you because we have handled a lot of clients that wanted to buy a business. We will help you look beyond the numbers so that you can identify the companies that have the very best prospects for matching your goals. We put together a package that will solve your problems in buying a business. If you have any interest in buying a business whether it be an existing franchise or a business opportunity, we can provide you with full assistance at a very reasonable price. Let us help you, so you can get back to work.

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Florence Mergers & Acquisitions is a global firm that uses its deep industry expertise to deliver value to sellers, buyers, and investors through transformative transactions. Our company is the only firm exclusively focused on the business acquisition space. Our team of expert advisors provides clients with service before, during, and after the Mergers & Acquisitions process, identifying opportunities and capitalizing on them, using our proprietary tools. Whether you are a seller or buyer or investor, we can help you reach your goals. Contact us today for more information!