The Scranton Mergers & Acquisitions Consultancy is one of the most reliable and well-respected M&A firms in the Northeast. We’ve been in business for over a century, and our portfolio spans from Scranton to Buffalo to Vermont. Need a merger? A buyout? An acquisition or divestiture? Working with Scranton Mergers & Acquisitions will put your company on its way to success!

We take pride in helping people analyze better ways in approaching mergers and acquisitions. Whether it’s your first time doing it or you are a veteran looking to try something new, they’re sure to deliver what you need out of the deal. Our deep expertise ensures that our knowledgeable professionals deliver insightful legal counsel for corporate law issues, including employee transactions and hostile takeovers. So stop wondering how big corporations hurt America’s small businesses–let us do something about it!

We know all about the potential risks of a merger or acquisition; we’ve seen these disasters firsthand and now we help guide you through each step with extensive research and analytics to eliminate any potential obstacles or hurdles from the ground up. Then, once it’s time to merge, our teams are here again (thoroughly prepared) to make sure everything runs smoothly as well as throw together an exit strategy whenever things go south.

Sell Your Business in Scranton

If you’re starting to feel like your business has outgrown its surroundings, have too many employees, or going through a business transition and are wondering how you’ll manage everything; then it’s time for Scranton Mergers & Acquisitions.

With years of experience in the industry we know what it takes to help businesses make their dreams come true. Maybe your company needs an infusion of new talent? We will work with owners looking for ways to maximize the return on their investment during these uncertain times. Rest assured that we know how to keep negotiations running smoothly and produce excellent terms for both parties while still maintaining an ethical approach.

So instead of dealing with all the hassle, let us take care of it for you and you can put your feet up. Well-known investors will give an evaluation if they like what they see then help make the deal happen or provide funding so you don’t have to worry about going out trying to find financing for buyer. You shouldn’t have any worries when trusting us with your business!

Buy a Business in Scranton

Maybe you’re sick of the rat race. Maybe something else has come up in your life, and now is your chance to get out while the going is good. Family obligations? Career change? Time for a new start? Here is your chance to buy a business in Scranton.

You’re on the hunt for that perfect opportunity. For a start-up business with potential to be put on the map and grow exponentially or an existing company that has been in the market for over ten years, we can help you find it. We’ve got everything from manufacturing plants and art galleries to eateries and unique shops, so no matter what industry you are looking for your clientele to enjoy, we have something special just waiting for you!

This is the time of year to buy, sell or merge your business with Scranton Mergers & Acquisitions. We offer competitive prices and a speedy service that doesn’t bore you with details. Experts in mergers, acquisitions, succession planning, strategic partnerships and divestitures – we can help!

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Reap the financial benefits of Scranton Mergers & Acquisitions. We can show you how to make smarter decisions faster than ever before, allowing for an exponential burst of growth or an investment that might take decades otherwise; and we’ll do it with good old-fashioned hard work and a smile on our face.

We make the process of simplifying big changes easy, and we offer a personal touch. We’re experienced professionals with over 30 years combined knowledge in consultation services such as mergers and acquisitions.

Get in touch with us today so we can help you find your perfect match and create an easy transition process!