Gresham Mergers & Acquisitions

Gresham Mergers & Acquisitions is a true player in the industry. Our unique combination of business acumen, knowledge, experience, and creativity provides a competitive edge for our clients and an attractive return on investment for our investors. Our clear vision, sound insights, and prudent actions help guide our clients through mergers and acquisitions with clarity and confidence. Here in our firm, we can help you strategically structure your transaction with a clear path to profitability for all investors. We emphasize creative ways to integrate and cut costs while fostering key growth areas. We also assist our clients in all aspects of corporate restructuring and crisis management, offering expertise and invaluable resources for any person or company experiencing financial problems.

Our track record has helped us cultivate relationships with billions in investor capital and hundreds of companies in need of restructuring. With a full range of M&A advisory services, including corporate valuation and fairness opinions, financial advisor search and selection, due diligence support, and more we can able to combine in-depth industry expertise with a wealth of experience to assist our clients. Our efforts are focused on assisting middle market companies in achieving their growth objectives through buying and selling businesses, executing divestitures or strategic alliances designed to accelerate an existing business plan. It has been our goal to foster care-taking relationships with our clients, ensuring that they feel informed and counseled through every stage of the M&A transaction process.

Sell Your Business in Gresham

We will help you sell your business in Gresham, Oregon. If you need a company that can be trusted to protect your interests with professionalism and experience, our firm is ready to assist you. We have established relationships with many buyers in the region and handle all aspects of business sales, not just finding a buyer for your merge or acquisition, but helping with the entire process to establish a fair price for both parties. We understand the value of your business and our experienced team works tirelessly to ensure a quick, professional, and profitable sale. At M&, we take the confusion out of mergers and acquisitions by guiding you through the entire process, from start to finish, finding the best buyers for your business at the best price. We have experienced dealmakers with the key relationships and expertise to guide you through this critical decision. When we work together, we’ll make this process happen quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, ethically — so you can get results that please both you and your clients.

Buy a Business in Gresham

Gresham M&A is the firm of choice for corporations and high net worth individuals seeking to acquire businesses, non-profits and organizations seeking funding, and entrepreneurs interested in a complete package of services. Our comprehensive suite of advisory services includes merger and acquisition assistance, strategic planning, capital investment services, financing and liquidity solutions, valuation analysis, executive search, business valuations, legal services, human resources consulting, market research as well as other value-added services designed to enhance the performance of our clients.

We make Mergers and Acquisitions straightforward, simple, and affordable. Our goal is to guide you through the entire process to help you achieve your vision. At M&, we are only focused on being M&A consultants and have been helping people buy a business in Gresham for years. We have extensive experience and have helped hundreds of families start new businesses in Gresham or transition their existing businesses to new owners.

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We are a full-service Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory firm, serving groups as well as individuals. We focus on providing our clients with customized solutions through a combination of financial, strategic, and tactical resources. Our goal is to help our clients maximize their business value in the shortest time possible. Our ability to combine transactional-based work with strategic consulting, deal sourcing, and expert analysis or an “M&A 360-degree approach” gives us an advantage over our competition. If you have any concerns, contact our hotline or email us for more information.