Eugene Mergers & Acquisitions

M& is the largest and most accurate source of M&A information. We have information for the entire M&A industry, including PE, VC, financial advisors, banks, attorneys, accountants, and more business services. We focus on assisting individuals and small businesses with business or real estate sales, acquisitions, mergers, equity financing, and venture capital. Our goal is to help you grow your company or investment. Since our foundation, we have been helping mergers and acquisitions, startups, small companies, family businesses, and independent entrepreneurs to thrive. Our firm’s experience working with both sellers and buyers of businesses enables us to provide holistic service that creates value for all parties involved.

Our Mergers & Acquisitions services here in M& are tailored to suit our client’s specific needs. Our firm works to find the best possible deal for our clients, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to work with everyone involved in the transaction. Led by a team of experienced attorneys, our Eugene office of Mergers & Acquisitions is geared towards serving individuals and businesses throughout all of Lane County, Oregon. We have the expertise, resources, and tools to lead your business successfully through any financial challenge. Our professionals use their experience and give you their best until you acquire the client or gain financing from the bank. By combining our business experience with Eugene-based companies’ strengths we are able to help you to determine which strategy provides the right fit. Our aim is to put the most energetic, up-to-date team of Mergers & Acquisitions in Eugene on your side. Whether your goal is an equity acquisition or a cash deal, we’ll help you to grow your net worth and raise funds for your current or upcoming expenses.

Making Buying and Selling A Business Easier

We have information about what it is like, how to find the right business, how to prepare and finance your purchase and much more. The common way to sell a business is through Mergers and Acquisitions. Eugene offers a broad range of services for businesses for sale through Mergers and Acquisitions. When it comes to selling your business in Eugene, M& is the M&A firm in the city that has been highly successful in selling businesses quickly for top dollar when they need to be sold. Our knowledge, insight, and skills will represent you best to ensure that you gain maximum value for your business within a timely manner. Whether you have a few different ventures in mind or just one, we can help you achieve your desired results. Whether it’s a company, division, subsidiary or product, we have you covered!

Buy a Business With Minimum Amount Of Hassle

Our network of thousands of companies all over the world is at your disposal to help you find what you need. The business acquisition market is extremely fast paced and we make it our mission to give all our members the advantage available in this exciting market. Our merger and acquisition database allows you to conduct a comprehensive search–viewing M&A activity by industry, geography, sector, buyer and seller characteristics, deal value, and other criteria. You need the information and advice you’ll find at

Seal Deals With A Professional Team

The right team can make all the difference when buying or selling a business, and Eugene is home to plenty of great talent. At M&, our team has the highest level of expertise in M&A transactions, valuations, finance, and intellectual property management. And with our years of experience, we have the track record to prove it. We don’t simply sell a service; we endeavor to provide a solution for every unique situation. So when you’re ready to buy or sell a business in Eugene, Oregon, turn to M& for a smooth and seamless transaction from start to finish. Contact our team right now!