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The Schenectady Mergers & Acquisitions team is one of the nation’s most trusted and respected advisers to major companies. As our company slogan says: We are always on your side in America, because we know how hard it is to make intelligent decisions when you’re feeling so many different ways at once. At our discreet offices, we work closely with businessmen and entrepreneurs dreaming of being the next big company.

With a core group of experienced board members, Schenectady Mergers & Acquisitions is able to provide clients with the necessary experience and insight when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. Whether you’re looking to buy a company or sell one, Schenectady’s got the perfect team of experts for you. With decades of experience, the founding members have led dozens of companies through every kind of deal.

So if you’re not sure what’s going on with a merger or acquisition proposal, which private equity firms should be involved in negotiations? Our Schenectady Mergers & Acquisitions team helps prepare and find financing for those with the foresight. We specialize in helping clients maximize growth opportunities and we offer custom packages that will meet your interests.

Sell Your Business in Schenectady

Selling your business should be treated as a high-stakes endeavor and where best at home than in Schenectady? Consulting with Schenectady Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory will give your business a quality, professional marketing job that makes it stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for an attentive and caring environment to do even more in-depth market research, then Schenectady Mergers & Acquisitions is the right place for you.

We specialize in guiding our clients through every step while providing sound counsel on what to expect and how to plan ahead for success. With over thirty years experience, we have helped companies of all shapes and sizes sell their operations successfully over the course of more than 100 transactions.

Get help selling your business in Schenectady, New York! Proudly named as one of America’s wealthiest cities for the elite, you can trust our experienced team to discreetly sell all or part of your company. With past clients including prestigious names like General Electric and Berkshire Hathaway, you know our methods always deliver a great experience.

Buy A Business in Schenectady

Why would you want to buy a Schenectady business when there are so many businesses available for sale elsewhere? Well, that’s easy. You’re interested in Schenectady and The Valley of the Mohawk River because they have long been considered one of the most successful economic zones in America. It’s a small city, but Schenectady has plenty of businesses to choose from for sale.

We’re your trusted advisors and experts at sourcing good buys – you can’t afford not to speak with us before narrowing down your list. Willing sellers want the best possible offer given what they could get elsewhere, so be sure to seal a deal quickly after this meeting as we present our latest business acquisition opportunities in Schenectady.

Mergers and acquisitions can be a tough nut to crack. One wrong move, and you’re dead in the water. But not anymore- get professional guidance from Schenectady’s preeminent M&A advisors! We’ll do the hard work while you reap all the benefits of owning a business so, don’t let your dream of owning a business go up in flames.

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Schenectady Mergers & Acquisitions understands the industry like no other. After all, working in the business for over 20 years puts them in a solid position to take on your most challenging projects. From company valuations, divestitures/acquisitions data analysis to M&A due diligence and full service transactional work- we can do it all!

Our services are extremely high quality and we offer a wide range of them. Maybe you’re thinking of merger advisors to help you with your company or maybe want some assistance with an acquisition? Call us up and let’s get started on building your next empire!