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If you’re looking to sell or buy a business, get in touch with St. Cloud Mergers & Acquisitions! Since our founding, we’ve been helping businesses of all stripes make sound decisions and successfully grow their operations. We offer unequaled experience advising on acquisitions – both equity-based and asset sales – as well as assessing the value of holdings pre-sale. We also provide guidance on strategic planning for profitable growth through M&A transactions and other approaches.

Don’t be intimidated by big words: Mergers and Acquisitions. When times are tough for you or your company, come to us before signing any contracts with other engagements. This way we can help make sure they meet the needs changes in your business and prepare you for anticipated consequences. No matter what company size or industry, let us provide sound guidance through any sale or take-over so that there are no missed opportunities.

When it comes to getting the best return on your investment, why settle for anything less than a professional, confidential M&A advisor who’s committed to delivering top quality business advice? With St. Cloud Mergers & Acquisitions, you can expect those qualities and more — from our experienced team of specialists who’ll work tirelessly with you and will always provide the upmost discretion required in high stakes situations to unrivaled customer service at all times.

Sell Your Business in St. Cloud

You’ve made the decision to sell, and you’re looking for a company that can offer full disclosure of what is going on during their process- from preparing your financials to managing buyout offers. We take the time to thoroughly understand your business and then make recommendations about how best you should proceed.

We are community minded with supportive values and provide professional services to help businesses grow. Who works better than people who know you? That’s why it’s always such a relief when somebody can give you more personalized help about finding that property or closing those deals with other sellers.

For busy entrepreneurs, St. Cloud Mergers & Acquisitions provides a hassle-free checklist for selling your business with virtually no dillydallying or back and forth needed. Simply fill out our painless online questionnaire to sell your old business, take care of the transfer paperwork, and avoid extra fees with an upfront offer—all from the comforts of home without having to make any trips out to another state! It takes minutes to start on this road to success so what are you waiting for?

Buy A Business in St. Cloud

When was the last time a business owner had more fun than their customers? You deserve better and this is not just another pitch for someone else’s dream job! This is YOUR opportunity to buy a business in St. Cloud because we know that it’s a saleable asset anyone can carry on anytime they want: you once said “definite yes” when asked if owning a business would be awesome.

Adequate industry knowledge paired with our comprehensive marketing plan and proven strategies will help make your transition as simple as possible without sacrificing too much in terms of what you deserve.

Purchasing a small business is easy with us: we find it for you and explain all the pros and cons so there are no surprises later on down the line. All our buyers have great success, and they’re making more money than ever before – after only one or two years working on their new endeavors.

Let’s Collaborate

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St. Cloud Mergers & Acquisitions is a company comprised of senior level experts who have assisted with over 300 mergers and acquisitions throughout Central Minnesota for nearly 20 years. Whether if it’s an existing or new start-up business needing help finding the perfect person or something more complex, we’re here to find solutions for all your needs within our diverse and knowledgeable team.

Make the best decision for you, and, with the help of our expert knowledge on how to sell a company in Minnesota, have a smooth process that will make your transition simple. We’ve got the insider information and are getting it done fast–so hurry up today and call one of our friendly advisors!