Portland Mergers & Acquisitions

For the busy executive who needs a competitive advantage, no one beats Portland Mergers & Acquisitions. With extensive experience in evaluating financial statements, we provide a clear and concise picture of your expertise to important decision makers. Corporate executives have lined up to work with us; they know we’re the team for them when it comes to companies that are financially sound and fast-growing. They want advice from someone who knows how to make deals work during this age of globalization, financial turmoil, regulatory upheavals and other challenges facing industry leaders.

Portland Mergers & Acquisitions is a high-end M&A consulting firm serving Portland, Maine and the surrounding area. Our consultants have deep industry expertise and transactional experience in both buy and sell situations. We provide expert guidance to help your company maximize value as it navigates through due diligence, negotiation, and closing any size transaction. Whether you’re interested in selling your company or exploring an acquisition to diversify your portfolio, we can help facilitate that transaction for you.

Finding a reliable partner in this space to help you through your deal can be tough. That’s why we created Portland Mergers & Acquisitions. Our team has intimate knowledge of every market and competes on affordability as well as our expertise- something no other firm offers! Contact us today for a consultation so we can show you how PM&A will take care of everything from start to finish, no matter whether it’s simply an acquisition or full blown merger!

Sell Your Business in Portland

Portland, Maine is a gentle reminder to all that dreams have no boundaries. It’s the land of historic East End lobster shacks and downtown chic eateries alike. And it’s full of people for whom we do the heavy lifting: owners of small businesses who want to be left alone with their customers or retirees who’ve given up on hills and need only an empty nest at high tide.

When you’re ready to sell your business or start looking for opportunities, the experience should be as easy and painless as possible. That’s why most of our services are designed with convenience in mind. We’ll make sure you get top dollar for your business and have a smooth transition into retirement.

We specialize in quick and efficient transactions with top dollar payouts so if you want a company near Portland that understands what it takes to make this happen through good explanations of the process, come see us.

Buy A Business in Portland

Turn your passion or hobby into a business and live happily ever after! We will find the perfect match for you. Along with merging two businesses we will make sure the deal is so good that it’s not only you who benefits but also the employees and suppliers of both involved companies.

Portlanders know how great their city is and those same people are invested in making businesses here better. Did you find your perfect Portland-based company but need to sell a house? Get help with that too, of course. Whether it’s purchasing or selling the right investment property for you, we can make it happen!

Now just imagine all of your hard work paying off, getting to spend quality time doing what you’re really passionate about, explore new hobbies like hiking, playing tennis or start cooking and running marathons while having the gratitude from everyone involved- It’s more than a happy ending.

Let’s Collaborate

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Portland Mergers & Acquisitions uses negotiation and diplomacy to get the best outcomes for our clients. We’ll stop at nothing to help you solve your most challenging business challenges.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our business partners and clients. We know how hard you work, so we promise to be there every step of the way with seamless services. With degrees in Law and Business Administration, our team at Portland Mergers & Acquisitions knows legalities like no one else.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and we can discuss how we can help your business with mergers and acquisitions.