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M& is a full-service Mergers & Acquisitions advisory firm. We are one of the fastest-growing mergers and acquisitions firms in Southern Massachusetts and the most sought after by clients. We provide expert advice and business solutions for our clients. Since our foundation, we have helped hundreds of clients maximize their potential and realize their dreams. With our proven process, which starts with a complimentary business evaluation, we begin to unlock the true value of your company. We are dedicated to making every deal simple, straightforward, and as profitable for our clients as possible. Given the depth of our expertise and the quality of service we provide, there is no better representation for your business than our top-notch services and excellent customer relationship.

Our experienced attorneys pride themselves on their ability to provide sophisticated legal advice while minimizing the time our clients spend between complex transactions. We partner with clients to accelerate growth, maximize value and meet strategic objectives through a wide range of M&A services. Our practice is structured around two core service lines which are corporate finance and private equity.

We are dedicated to handling all of your merger and acquisition needs while offering the most courteous, attentive service available. By delivering your message powerfully to us, we will help you increase your ability to win new business. We will enhance your competitive advantage and raise the overall quality and value of the service we provide. Through our mergers and acquisitions, you will experience services that are more rewarding and enjoy efficient costs with less stress.

Sell Your Business in New Bedford

Selling your business is a big deal. It’s likely the biggest transaction of your life, and you owe it to yourself to give yourself the best available chance to make things go smoothly. At M&, we make selling your business easy. As an advisor, we are dedicated to helping you maximize the value of your business, and as a broker, we have over years of experience in conducting successful sales transactions.

Whether you are looking to sell quickly or for long-term value maximization, our process has been developed to make sure that the final sale price closely reflects the true value of your business. Our mergers and acquisitions team is eager to provide you with our professional advice and thoroughly investigate your business assets that will be required to generate realistic valuations for the range your company is worth. Our expertise in mergers and acquisitions can help make your sale experience smoother and more transparent.

Buy a Business in New Bedford

M& has been helping businesses succeed for years. We are consistently engaged with entrepreneurs and business operators who are interested in exploring the sale of their company. We also work with investors that are looking to acquire a business, whether it be through outright purchase or through one of our many merger and acquisition solutions.

Our mergers and acquisition specialists can help you grow your small business. We will help you through the process, and provide sound advice on whether or not a merger or acquisition would be of benefit to your company. It’s time for you to start writing the story of your own success. With our help, anything is possible.

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At M&, we have built a solid reputation for handling complex mergers and acquisitions. We’re extremely proud of the Mergers and Acquisitions clients we’ve worked with and are eager to assist you. Let us make a difference in the success of your business transaction.

Contact our team now and let us take our experience and leverage it to optimize your potential company merge or acquisition!