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We turn your dreams into reality! Let Bossier City Mergers & Acquisitions help you make the most of your assets and freedom. We’re a team who can show you how to double your time investment through acquisitions and mergers while maintaining a leadership position in today’s rapidly evolving business world. Don’t keep being stuck where you are – come see what we have on offer.

There’s really only one way to build bridges and get deals done in the Bayou. The Bossier City Mergers & Acquisitions team has changed names, swapped stocks, company board memberships, sold off high-value assets over the last 12 months – all on behalf of our clientele. With some 30 years combined experience as corporate lawyers and investment bankers (and 10 more years than that spent divesting), we’re here with you every step of daily life to protect your interests now and into the future. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs grow or sell off their businesses quickly and easily.

No matter where your career interests lie, turn to Bossier City Mergers & Acquisitions’ unparalleled team of varied professionals for assistance. We are proven experts when it comes to what employers are looking for now and what will be needed in tomorrow’s economy. Whether you want support with acquisitions or mergers, our counselors will help you through every step of the way even if that means sitting down with your executive team.

Sell Your Business in Bossier City

Have you been looking into selling your business in Bossier City, but don’t know how to manage the various intricacies? Let a professional consultant agency help you. We perform investigations to pinpoint value of ownership shares and offer business valuation services. Next, we negotiate on behalf of your company with investors for best total value given both parties’ priorities and needs.

Bossier City Mergers and Acquisitions has been the leading provider of mergers and acquisitions in Bossier City for over one hundred years. We specialize in advising business owners about selling their companies or finding new ones to buy, as well as providing them with loans and other resources they may need during this process.

More than just selling your business, we’ll provide expert guidance to help ensure that the process is satisfying and profitable for both sides of any deal. No matter if you’re looking for a merger and acquisitions partner or a buyer or just some advice on how best to proceed monetarily, our team is here early and late throughout their weekdays (except national holidays) so call today!

Buy A Business in Bossier City

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have good connections in Bossier City that will set the company up for success right away? If so, we may be your perfect fit. We’ll walk you through the process so it’s a smooth transition from employee to an entrepreneur! We offer competitive rates and experienced consultants who will get your business up-and-running for success in Bossier City.

There are thousands of sellers and buyers all around the world going through this process at any given point in time. That’s where we come in! Bossier City Mergers & Acquisitions is a thriving association of brokers specializing in the opportunity to own Bossier City businesses for a fraction of their worth.

Whether you are looking for your own Bossier City Domino’s franchise, or Wayne Tiles, let us help make this dream come true! We specialize in auctioning off profitable businesses in Bossier City and throughout Louisiana. Contact us today to find out more about our incredible services!

Let’s Collaborate

Interact with Our M&A Advisory Today!

It doesn’t matter what your business goals are, you can be certain that a professional consultant will help you achieve success. That’s right, Bossier City Mergers & Acquisitions is ready to step in and provide the necessary assistance for acquiring businesses or merging with others.

We get to know you and your company so that we can connect the dots more quickly. We provide experience in corporate finance, equity markets, shareholder activism and IPO’s, plus access to over 100 boards & executive committees.

Let us find you! Bossier City Mergers & Acquisitions has connections that can help not only in finding the right people, but also with getting you in the door.