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Park Ridge Mergers & Acquisitions offers services in both business-to-business mergers and acquisitions, as well as business-to-consumer mergers and acquisitions. The firm prides itself on providing the highest level of service to its clients in a professional, timely, and confidential manner. We provide strategic planning, due diligence, financial analysis, contract negotiation for mergers and acquisition activities, the establishment of corporations or limited liability companies, limited partnership or joint venture agreements, asset purchase transactions for small businesses that do not require the services of an attorney.

We are known to be the leading firm and the best one there is in Mergers & Acquisitions. We were founded years ago by a team of analysts led by someone who has extensive skills in helping and handling people that want to achieve their goal – buy or sell their business. Since then, we had been on a tear, taking over dozens of companies and amassing over a billion dollars in annual revenues. We are a fast-growing private equity firm in Illinois. Our main purpose is to raise awareness of your business while providing general Mergers & Acquisitions consulting services to help you succeed in your present business endeavors. We make sure our clients will achieve their goals.

Sell Your Business in Park Ridge

Selling your business can be frustrating.  It’s always difficult to sell your business. You know it inside and out, but no one else does. A partner in the business doesn’t necessarily understand all the ins and outs of how it can actually be sold. Put your business up for sale at the right price or find a buyer for your business through partnering with us.

Park Ridge Mergers & Acquisitions team plans every step of your process to ensure your business is sold correctly. With a national network, you know that you’ll have access to buyers. Our team is with you every step of the way to learn about your business, give it an edge, then introduce you to prospective buyers. Our strategy for selling real estate is designed to deliver the best possible return so you can enjoy early retirement or use the proceeds to fund other projects. With years of experience helping sellers, we are experts at finding solutions for you. We will help you with everything we know.

Buy a Business in Park Ridge

When looking to buy a business, one of the biggest problems that business buyers run into is how to do all the necessary due diligence on the business they are considering buying, without having to take off work for lengthy periods of time. This leaves most business buyers on their own trying to find time to do this important research on their own.

This is why we focus on assisting clients to make a sound investment in a company that will not only provide a healthy return but will also allow them to extract a sound return in the future. It is our priority to help, and guide a client through the acquisition process from start to finish by identifying suitable businesses through extensive research and preparing all necessary documentation for the transaction. We can help you take your professional experience and expertise to the next level when evaluating businesses for acquisition. We will help you grow your business into a success.

Let’s Collaborate

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Park Ridge Mergers & Acquisitions is a boutique firm that is focused on a small number of targeted industries and that has a long-term view of value creation. We have been successful both in buying businesses from owners who want to retire and in selling businesses to successful entrepreneurs who have the skills to take the business to the next level. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a consultative approach that will help you through your Mergers and acquisitions process. If you are searching for a merger or acquisition expert who can quickly evaluate your business and act with utmost discretion contact us today!