Naperville Mergers & Acquisitions

M& is the premier provider of merger and acquisition services to middle-market companies in the Illinois area. We provide a full array of professional services that will assist in targeted due diligence evaluations and deal structuring assistance through the negotiation process and beyond. We will make sure to guide you from inception through exit. Whether you’re thinking about selling, looking for a partner or buyer, or considering other transaction options, our firm can help you with that. We have a dedicated team to assist our clients with any single or multi-faceted transaction. We have significant experience performing deals of any size, even large public company acquisitions.

Our services are offered to a wide range of business clientele includes closely held and publicly traded companies, private equity sponsors, investment banking firms, institutional investors, high net worth families, and individuals. Our firm assists Corporate Acquisition, Private Equity Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures, Strategic Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Business Planning/ Formation activities. Our firm aims to create superior value for its clients by providing a seamless merger and acquisition service from start to finish. Our highly specialized service in the areas of equipment, apparel, and franchise businesses, provides for efficient and timely results. Also, our firm mergers and acquisitions are tailored to each client’s specific needs while being delivered with both partners hand-in-hand which are responsible for the success and continuity of all projects. Our firm concentrates on providing solutions and strategies that will allow our clients to grow, develop, utilize, and distribute their assets in the most efficient manner possible. We have extensive experience in handling a wide variety of client needs. Our firm is recognized as an established leader within our industry for over years. We are confident that we can give you the expertise that you need for your business.

Offering Tailored and Precise Service

Selling a company is never easy, but M& can help. We have worked with thousands of businesses over the years, each time offering tailored and precise service with the invaluable knowledge that comes from experience. We provide a bridge between a business owner seeking to divest one or more assets and the people most likely to use them. We have successfully sold companies to individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, privately held businesses, and public corporations. Our services include conducting confidential searches for buyers who are actively seeking to acquire businesses in particular lines of business; performing comprehensive due diligence; negotiation of seller’s terms and conditions and buyer’s purchase terms; and closing the transaction. When it comes to business mergers and acquisitions in Illinois, M& makes it simple for business owners to sell a business. We will give you the best possible outcome in the shortest possible amount of time.

Seeking Out The Best Possible Acquisition

Purchasing an entire business is almost always less expensive than starting a new business from scratch. You are buying the customers, and their needs, which can save you time and money. Buying a business also gives you the satisfaction that you have made your mark in the community by having become your own boss. That is why M& has brought buyers and sellers together to facilitate strategic acquisitions and mergers. Our professionals leverage their expertise to locate valuable businesses that are available for sale hands-on assisting both buyers and sellers through every step of the process. We will provide you with knowledgeable counsel, strategic guidance, and the right set of decisions that will get you where you want to be. We are relentless when seeking out the best possible outcome, and every deal we work on benefits from our experience working side-by-side with a plethora of business firms.

Your Next Corporate Strategy

Our firm is an expert in mergers and acquisitions of businesses, which allows us to make you a competitive offer when you put your company in our trust. We will work with you to identify the business’s strengths, weaknesses, and valuation potential. When you want your company to be acquired or to acquire effectively and efficiently, communicate with our M&A experts today!