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Bartlett Mergers & Acquisitions is a business and intellectual property merger and acquisition firm. We place our client’s interest above all else and go above and beyond for each client in need of our services. We have been involved in numerous transactions involving businesses ranging from small to international. Our track record of success is based upon adherence to the principle of the highest integrity, honesty, intellectual ability, and responsiveness. We’re also operating in the tactical and the execution phase, we deliver added value to our clients by adapting across four domains, service quality, performance excellence, market understanding, and strategic insight.

We believe that our clients’ investments are as important as ours. In fact, we take each investment as an opportunity to improve our own processes as well as those of our clients, all with the aim of providing value-added solutions to different business problems. Our mission is to provide quality service to our customers by offering honest fiduciary services that are responsive to their goals and objectives. These services include identifying opportunities, assisting in the negotiation of advantageous pricing, structuring various transaction vehicles including mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, helping to plan for restructuring or succession plans, all with an emphasis on value creation.

Sell Your Business in Bartlett

At Bartlett Mergers & Acquisitions, we provide a range of services to help small businesses through the process of selling a business. You can rely on our years of experience to guide you through the transaction successfully.

If you need to sell your business, let us put you in touch with the right buyer. We will help you find the right buyer for you while acting in your best interest through every stage of the process. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we listen to our clients and develop strategies that meet their goals, deal activity, valuation, buyer type, and exit timing objectives.

Buy a Business in Bartlett

Bartlett Mergers & Acquisitions is your “go-to” source for buying a business. Whether looking to purchase an existing business or start a new one, we’re ready to help with all the details to ensure you get the return on your investment that you want. From financing to determining or valuing your company, and hiring the right people to help find the right business to buy.

Our services include helping you find opportunities that fit your goals, negotiating win-win agreements, and managing all aspects of due diligence. We’ll help you go through the processes of acquiring that new business, and then ensure that you are more successful than ever after the deal has closed. Getting the best deal possible is critical for ensuring future success.

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At Bartlett Mergers & Acquisitions makes it is easier than ever to buy and sell securities online. Whether you are an accountant or an individual investor, we can help you make more money on your investments with complete visibility into what the market is doing. Give us a call today to find the next great merger or acquisition!