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Addison Mergers & Acquisitions provides advice on the full spectrum of business acquisitions and mergers in both developed and emerging markets. Our expertise, innovative thinking, integrated solutions, and consistently superior performance have enabled us to become one of the largest independent investment banks globally. The company was founded years ago to provide mergers and acquisitions services to middle-market businesses. Our integrated approach allows us to add value to our client transactions. In addition, we offer a broad range of other services that allow us to work with our clients on their long-term strategic planning – not just their next transaction.

Our experienced professionals utilize our extensive network of contact to expedite due diligence and allow for more time to focus on the important aspects of the deal. Our experienced financial professionals can help identify our client’s business’s value and negotiate a fair price. We work with all types of businesses, small family-owned businesses, privately held businesses, and publicly traded corporations. We also represent buyers and sellers of non-business assets such as homes, stocks, bonds, and other investments.

Sell Your Business in Addison

Selling your business can be very risky. Get it right, it is profitable, but get it wrong, and you are looking at the loss of everything. Accountants are risk-averse, typically less experienced in selling businesses, or worse still just starting out in their career. Thus if you’re going to sell your business. you would probably need an expert that will help you!

Our company is a boutique mergers & acquisitions firm that takes pride in being able to handle all aspects of selling your business. From being proactive with the goal of selling your business, understanding the emotions, dealing quickly with offers or potential buyers, to working out the financial details. Come to us when you are ready to sell your business. We will work with you. Our services will help you acquire the right buyer, at the right time, to maximize price and minimize risk. Our industry-leading exit strategies are designed to allow you to focus on your family, friends, and future.

Buy a Business in Addison

Purchasing a business is probably one of the most personally and financially significant decisions that you can make. And if you are not familiar with business valuation then it can be scary. Before you lay out tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars to purchase a business, you should understand what risk you are undertaking.

At Addison Mergers & Acquisitions, we work hard to minimize the risk of investing in a private business by keeping our investments as hands-off as possible. Our company buyout program is structured as a limited partnership so you retain all management control, yet have access to our expertise to help ease some of the burdens of being an entrepreneur. We have limited the worldwide markets for this product to those who have an interest in purchasing a profitable business from a private individual at a lower price than that estimated by business appraisers. By our experience to helping people in need to buy a business. We can give your needs if you work with us. We will help you look for a business that really fits your criteria in what business you want to own whether it is an existing one or not. We would be glad to help you in every process!

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Addison Mergers & Acquisitions provides professionals with the latest information and insight on how to buy or sell a business. It includes in-depth interviews, market reports, and access to our company’s network. We have years of experience in buying and selling a business. With services and strategies tailored to meet your individual goals and needs, we’re able to help you realize the full potential of your company. Put our expertise to work for you today!