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A merger or acquisition is a big deal that changes your company and your life forever. We make it our business to be there for you, supporting, advising and protecting all stages of this crazy process. We don’t want to make it sound too good, but there’s no one we’d rather work with, collaborate with, and just plain old talk to than each other.

Albany Mergers & Acquisitions is your one-stop search for all of your merger and acquisition needs: we provide expansive research to formulate the ideal plan for your company, negotiate a successful exit strategy with a partner, help you fine tune valuation models from top industry experts, and even handle the legal processes. We’re ready and prepared to come alongside you from start to finish as one of Metro Atlanta’s leading merger directors.

We are team of consultants have helped grow and restructure some of the most iconic companies you know. With backgrounds in strategy, dealmaking, management consulting, and law, our M&A professionals ensure that your company benefits from strategic management as you enter a new chapter.

Sell Your Business in Albany

If you want to gain control of your destiny and take the next step in liberating yourself from the corporate rat race, then we can help. We are Albany Mergers & Acquisitions. As a business owner who has reached a comfortable point where there’s no longer that feeling of needing or wanting more, it often seems like it might be time for some new challenges.

Get a professional point of contact for selling your business. Our services include corporate divestitures, buyer selection, best price negotiation strategies in Albany’s mergers and acquisitions marketplace. Albany is the perfect place to find a buyer for your company. It’s also a great opportunity for a buyer of businesses looking for an existing business in the Albany area.

Whether we find one of our clients another like-minded company looking to grow together or if I’m simply helping a client determine how best to transition out onto their own path as entrepreneurs again – there’s never been an uphill battle too steep with us around!

Buy a Business in Albany

Albany is a bustling community of close-knit people, most with true American values. It’s so great to see everyone come together as one and lead this region to success in the past few years. The locals are full of pride for their hometown and can appreciate your decision to invest in Albany.

Planning a new venture, or interested in expanding your portfolio? Consider buying an Albany-based business rather than starting from the ground up. Converting to a small business owner can be a daunting process. From paying off the right lawyers to picking out new office equipment in Albany, it’s important that you leave no stone unturned when going through this transition. This is where we come in – being experts we help and show you how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

We’re experts at making a business acquisition easy for our clients, from streamlining operations to dealing with paperwork. We also go through personal matters such as estate planning or setting up trusts. There’s no reason you should have another one of your life’s projects taking all your time when we can help make it simpler.

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Mergers and acquisitions can lead to even more positive changes as they improve infrastructure, reduce social and environmental hazards, add new jobs in a tight job market and much more – plus allow all these benefits while maintaining your unique priorities.

Dedicating more than 20 years to the art of mergers and acquisitions, Albany Mergers & Acquisitions is one of the leading business brokers in Georgia. As a team of leveraged professionals with experience spanning from small family businesses to Fortune 100 companies, we have what it takes to guide you through every stage of your M&A process. Contact us today to learn more about our M&A service and how we’ll get you rolling.