St. Petersburg Mergers & Acquisitions

St. Petersburg Mergers and Acquisitions is a business advisory firm that provides financial information and transparent business strategies for private, corporate, public, and government buyers and sellers. We specialize in strategic advising for mergers, acquisitions, business transfers, and corporate divestitures domestically in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other post-Soviet republics―as well as globally. Our practice is widely regarded as one of the most dynamic and competitive in the region. We provide a comprehensive range of transaction experience, including outbound, inbound and cross-border deals for corporations, private equity, and real estate investors.

We take pride in our entrepreneurial approach to integrating our advisory services into our client’s complete business objectives. The professionals have extensive experience developing corporate strategies, selecting the optimal methods and tools for management, investor relations, and capital markets, as well as providing legal support for the implementation of these strategies. We are specialty business merger and acquisition consultants based in St. Petersburg, FL that has a broad range of service areas that are focused on successfully acquiring and integrating companies. Our mission is to help businesses increase revenue, profitability, and long-term value.

Realize Maximum Value From Your Business

We are one of the top business brokerage firms in terms of the number and size of transactions closed in the city, with an impressive track record. Our services include consultation on selling a corporate or private business, preparation and assistance in investment projects, creation of investment proposals for potential business acquisition. We are known as highly professional advisers who provide added value to the seller and buyer during all stages of the deal from beginning to end. Our company has been working in this field for more than 10 years and offers expertise and much-needed support to our clients even after transaction completion.

We help you with a comprehensive and cost-effective plan to sell your business today. Our goal is simply “to help St Pete businesses grow and succeed”. We achieve our goals by approaching the sale process with focus, diligence, and professionalism. As a boutique firm, we are small enough to offer you personal service but large enough to bring you all the benefits of a larger firm.

Consummate An Acquisition Or Divestiture

St. Petersburg, Florida is a popular location for individuals looking to buy a business and start a new life. From technology businesses to organic food producers, there are several M&A sales currently on the market in St. Petersburg. Choose a new career in St. Petersburg’s business world with an M&A professional working on your behalf in the background. Seeking business buyout leads from existing companies as well as potential acquisition targets. We offer the resources necessary to gain competitive advantages through the acquisition of new technical skills, management expertise, customer relationships, complementary products, or distribution channels. Our seasoned professionals can provide you with invaluable advice on developing and implementing the growth strategies that will allow your business to achieve its potential. At, we believe that business growth is essential to strengthen your competitive advantage and achieve your collective goals. With our vast expertise in corporate finance, we offer a wide array of solutions for businesses looking to expand, improve leadership, and gain market share.

Move Forward With Your Plans

If you’re looking for Mergers & Acquisitions in St. Petersburg, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of capable attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors have decades of experience in any size deal — no matter the location or your industry. We’ll make sure you have all the resources necessary to complete your transaction and get back to focusing on your business. The scope of services provided by our firm makes us an ideal partner for M&A services. Please feel free to contact us directly or submit the form on this page and one of our specialists will get in touch with you shortly.