Miami Beach Mergers & Acquisitions

Miami Beach Mergers & Acquisitions is a boutique investment banking firm focused on the middle market. Our team of seasoned professionals provides financial advisory services to privately held companies, family-owned businesses, and high net worth individuals in various industries including real estate development, hospitality, healthcare services, and professional sports.

We have extensive experience with both public and private transactions across North America and Latin America. Our clients include entrepreneurs who are looking for liquidity events to exit their business or family members seeking succession planning strategies that will help them preserve their wealth for generations to come.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for capital investment or a family member seeking advice on how best to grow your wealth through strategic merger or acquisitions, we can help you achieve your goals by providing access to our vast network of investors around the world as well as our expertise in all facets of M&A activity from initial due diligence through closing and beyond.

Sell Your Business in Miami Beach

Selling a business can be an emotionally difficult process. You have to decide which broker you trust with your future and the future of your company, then hope everything goes smoothly. Helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups raise capital from angel investors and venture capitalists. Raising money for your startup or business can be an incredibly difficult process. It’s a lot of work with no guarantee you will get funded.

The best way to ensure your success is by having a professional team behind you that knows the ropes on how to get it done right! We are prepared to help you in any stage of the fundraising cycle including strategic planning, preparation for meetings with potential investors, running mock investor calls/meetings, and much more!

M& has helped over 50 companies raise millions in funding through our unique approach which includes leveraging our network of contacts with other VC firms as well as using direct connections we have made throughout the years helping us secure deals at record speed.

Buy a Business in Miami Beach

Buying a business is hard. It’s complicated, it’s expensive and you have to deal with all kinds of people. Helping clients buy businesses throughout South Florida, including Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Coral Gables, and more!

We’re here to help make this process easy for you. Our service makes the entire buying process simple and streamlined so that you can focus on what matters most – running your new business!

Here at Miami Beach Mergers & Acquisitions, we are dedicated to helping our clients buy businesses in Miami Beach quickly and easily. When you partner with us, we’ll work tirelessly to find the right match for your needs whether it be an existing restaurant or nightclub looking for investors or even a small mom & pop store that could use some extra cash flow! Let our team handle all aspects of buying or selling a business in Florida – we’ll take care of everything from negotiating contracts to arranging to finance for qualified buyers.

Associate our M&A Advisory Today!

Our firm helps companies with mergers and acquisitions. We help both buyers and sellers navigate the complicated world of M&A transactions by providing consulting services, investment banking, private equity advisory, corporate finance advisory, and strategic planning advice to the public & private companies worldwide.

The time is right for you to sell your business or buy a new one! Whether you are an owner looking to retire or a young entrepreneur seeking growth capital we have the expertise needed to get deals done in today’s ever-changing market conditions. With decades of experience working with CEOs from Fortune 500 companies as well as emerging businesses, our team can help you achieve success whether it be through merger & acquisition opportunities, organic growth strategies, or divestitures/dispositions. Let us help you grow. Contact our M&A Advisory today!