Fort Lauderdale Mergers & Acquisitions

A Merger is where two companies agree to work as one. An acquisition is when one company takes over another, usually because it is going to be run or owned by the acquiring company. Here at M&, we help companies decide which option will work best for them and offer them the advice they need on how to avoid and recover from mistakes that might occur during these processes.

Fort Lauderdale Mergers & Acquisitions is a Fort Lauderdale-based takeover and boardroom advisory firm that provides merger and acquisition advisory service, investor due diligence, and proxy services for public and private companies across a range of industries. Our firm services clients on both the buy-side and sell-side. Our organization has been a leader in mergers and acquisitions advisory services for three decades, helping over one hundred companies across the globe grow and prosper. We have served as a trusted advisor for the sale and purchase of private, family-owned businesses—whether an entire enterprise or a single division of a much larger company—and have advised on all aspects of corporate finance, strategic planning, valuations, and negotiations.

Management Of Your Sale Processes

How do you sell your Fort Lauderdale business? Answering that question is our specialty. Our team of business brokers and advisors are here to help you navigate your Mergers & Acquisitions in Fort Lauderdale. We want to guide you through the process of selling a small or large business. We will work with you closely and handle any transactions quickly, efficiently, and professionally. You can trust us to handle every aspect of the sale so that you can concentrate on life’s other important things. We can walk you through the process of liquidating your business assets while helping to preserve your assets, identity, and structure. We work to minimize taxes and keep business owners organized throughout the process so we can help you sell a business in Fort Lauderdale with fewer headaches.

Using Special Acquisition Strategies

Buying a business in Fort Lauderdale is key to building your wealth and achieving your goals. You may be thinking about purchasing a franchise, but the startup and ongoing costs of supporting a franchise often outweigh first let you invest in multiple businesses over a shorter period of time. Acquiring a small or mid-sized business allows you to control your own destiny, take time, and grow your company into something substantial.

Our Fort Lauderdale Mergers and Acquisitions team carefully chooses the right business for your unique needs. We closely examine your business objectives, value proposition, target customers, and market to make the perfect match. With our decade-long history of successful deal making accomplishments, you can trust that we will find the right partner for you. Our company is dedicated to the highest standards of client service and satisfaction. We will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire Merger and Acquisition process. Our firm is committed to creating long-lasting client relationships based on quality service, transparency, and value.

Give Your Company A Boost

Our Fort Lauderdale Merger and Acquisition professionals represent businesses in a broad array of industries, ranging from fast-growth emerging companies to mature multinational corporations. We evaluate your organization’s legal, tax, and business issues and partner with you to determine the right strategies for your company. Whether it includes senior-level management, special committee or institutional investors, or family business relations, our mergers & acquisitions team is experienced in applying these strategies for our client’s goals and objectives. We are experienced M&A Professionals who focus on the needs of companies seeking new strategic direction. Contact us today to experience our approach firsthand and learn how our firm can add value to your next deal.