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Clearwater Mergers & Acquisitions is the premier M&A advisory firm focused on providing top-tier service to its clients. We are a full service firm, with in-house professionals for each critical step of the deal-making process from strategic counseling, financial analysis, due diligence to contract negotiation and closing. We combine superior execution skills with unsurpassed deal analytics to provide insight, creating a winning combination for companies in the middle of growth. With a proven track record in identifying valuable targets and entrepreneurs, and advising companies on mergers, acquisitions, and strategic value creation opportunities we offer cost-effective, innovative advice to help you achieve your strategic business goals.

Our confidential approach means we deliver bespoke solutions for each client, and effectively merge the art of a strong relationship with the science of planning. We work in close partnership with our client’s executive management teams and can provide a full service to assist you with all aspects of value creation, value preservation, and value enhancement opportunities. At M&, we are uniquely able to assist our clients in creating strategies that move them forward beyond economic distress, helping both families and businesses in need of change to continue strengthening their various entities.

Sell Your Business in Clearwater

A successful business is something to be proud of. Whether you have worked hard as an entrepreneur from the ground up or inherited a business from your parents, in order to sell a business in Clearwater, one must go through the proper process of making sure it is protected and handled properly. The professionals at M& will assist you every step of the way in selling your business in Clearwater. With so many brokers offering you a “good price” to sell your company, there is no way of knowing if you are getting the best deal. We have developed a proven track record and reputation for fast, fair offers. With 25 years of experience selling companies in Clearwater, Florida, we’ll put our expertise to work for you. As a premier business broker in Clearwater, Florida, our advisors will help you with all aspects of selling your business including financial analysis, legal issues, marketing strategies, and the many other details that we encounter on a daily basis. Our track record proves that our expertise can help owners receive the best offer for their business.

Buy a Business in Clearwater

In today’s economy, one of the safest investments an individual can make is to buy a business. Especially in Clearwater. With skilled labor abundant, affordable real estate, and a desirable coastal location, Clearwater is the best place in Florida for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of this economic climate by buying a business.

If you are thinking about buying a business in Clearwater, there is no better place to look than Clearwater Mergers and Acquisitions. We specialize in helping people like you find businesses in this area. Our specialty is not only finding just the right business but also finding savings that you can put towards buying businesses that we find. We will handle all the legal work for you on your business deal. We look forward to showing you why ClearWater Mergers & Acquisitions is the leader in biz acquisition.

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Clearwater Mergers & Acquisitions is a top provider of Mergers & Acquisitions services in Clearwater. Our team offers customized M&A solutions for every client’s need. We will ensure that your business meets your targets and that you can pursue future opportunities, no matter how big or small. With years of experience and local knowledge, our partners will provide you with the data you need to make an educated decision. Learn more about our Mergers & Acquisitions in Clearwater or get in touch with us today to learn how we can help your company grow. Contact our hotline or email us for more information.