Bridgeport Mergers & Acquisitions

M& is a top M&A and corporate law firm in Bridgeport, CT. We provide our clients, a diverse and select client base of businesses and individuals with tailored mergers & acquisitions advisory services to deliver the highest quality advice. Our team of skilled industry professionals can help you achieve your corporate objectives. For years, we have been a resource for companies seeking assistance in managing the evolution of growth and change to optimize their value.

Our fundamental service is mergers & acquisitions, which combined with other financial restructuring disciplines, such as public offerings and private placements of debt and equity securities include a full range of advisory services such as strategic planning, capital structure initiatives, management/ownership transitions, and financings. Specifically, our wide range of business transaction services is the following namely mergers and acquisitions, capital raises, private placements of securities, commercial and corporate restructuring, and advising on all forms of real estate issues including business sales and purchases, land use entitlements, and zoning matters, condominium management services, rent control issues like co-op or condo, commercial real estate transactions regarding land sales & leases, and dispute resolution like mediation & arbitration. The services we offered had help our clients with every phase of the transaction process, from pre-deal analysis and strategy development, through financial due diligence and valuation, deal execution, and post-deal integration. From start to finish, our firm draws on over years of mergers and acquisitions experience from a seasoned team of professionals who know what it takes to result in a smooth integration. Our global presence ensures that wherever your business may be, we can assist you with local knowledge and expertise.

Selling Your Business With Greater Ease

M& is a leading middle-market corporate and investment bank that helps customers to sell their businesses through a discreet, personalized, and professional approach. We provide our advice in an objective manner and help the seller achieve the optimal result with minimal disruption to the business and its employees. We will help you evaluate your business, its worth, its future, how to reach your personal goals, and exit strategies. We know how to dispose of a company. We know how to find a buyer who appreciates the market value of your business and offers the right price for it and given in today’s market, may even be willing to make you a fair cash offer so you can sell out fast and move on with your life. We are experts in the field and among the highest-rated firms in the industry. So, we can assure you that we can deliver the sale as smooth and fast as possible plus be sold at the highest value.

Understanding The Target Industry

Finding the right business to purchase can be time-consuming and tedious. But, finding a business broker who is knowledgeable, intelligent, and has patience can limit the time you spend looking for a company that fits your needs. And M& can help you with that dilemma. We are an M&A firm that can help you find the businesses that are right for you and fit into your plans for growth. We can help you with the procedures and paperwork to make your M&A process run smoothly. We have the certification processes required by the SEC to help you protect yourself while making your venture a big success. Plus, we have been named the best mergers and acquisition firm in the city and even throughout the state. We are confident to say that we have the professional experience and expertise that you need to help you achieve your business goals.

Achieving Your Business Objectives

Buyers and sellers of small to medium-sized businesses will find our M&A services a great value. We combine our comprehensive knowledge of business valuation with our extensive experience in international business transactions to assist the parties during an M&A process. We help complete deals faster, resulting in lower overall transaction costs and lower risk than other approaches. Our driving force is a love for what we do, which permeates into every project we work on. Here in M&, we help businesses grow and increase profitability via mergers and acquisitions. Talk with our experts right now and be our next success story!