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We are Danville Mergers & Acquisitions, an acquisition, merger, and asset-based consulting firm that specializes in streamlining operations through effective management of companies that have decided to sell or are looking to get acquired. Our number one goal is protecting the interests of our clients through professionalism, while at the same time striving to achieve their goals.

Our purpose is to be our clients’ strongest business partner, helping them to achieve their goals and to create value for all stakeholders. We deliver the highest quality products and services with a focus on enabling informed decisions. We foster teamwork, constructive relationships, continuous learning, integrity, team spirit, and shared responsibility in an environment where clients’ success is our priority. Our primary responsibility is to open doors for clients by delivering high-quality solutions that enable them to seize opportunities or overcome challenges successfully. We are determined to build enduring relationships with clients, business partners, and other stakeholders based on trust, mutual benefit, and accountability.

We will give you the full attention, expertise, and responsiveness in executing your transaction in a timely manner in order to achieve your goals in a well-organized manner.

Sell Your Business in Danville

The sale of your business can be very profitable, but it can also be very confusing, time-consuming, and downright scary. Let us help you get the most money possible for your business while taking all the headaches out of selling. When you decide to sell your business, it is important to find the right buyer. Of course, prices fluctuate in the marketplace. It’s also not unusual to find buyers who need advice or direction about how best to proceed with the purchase of your business.

Whether you want to sell your business or buy a business, Danville Mergers & Acquisitions can help you. We work as a one-on-one consulting human resources executive recruiter and placement firm exclusively for jobs that involve some form of mergers and acquisitions. That will attract those that want to learn more about making money from the purchase or sale of a company.

Let us help you transition your business to the next level with seamless mergers and acquisitions. Our seasoned team of professionals can give you the expertise you need to make a merger or acquisition like a pro.

Buy a Business in Danville

Danville Mergers and Acquisitions show how to successfully buy a business, close successful deals, and learn the art of negotiating. We provide information about searching for potential businesses to buy, using financing sources to your advantage, structuring successful sales contracts, and continuing to manage the business you have purchased.

All types of businesses are available through Danville Mergers & Acquisitions including, medical practices, physical therapy offices, beauty salons, restaurants, gas stations/convenience stores, daycare facilities, liquor stores, convenience stores, automotive retail stores, automotive aftermarket distribution industries, and many other types of businesses.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for your next acquisition or you are an executive at a private company, Danville Mergers & Acquisitions provides the due diligence and insider perspective needed to help you buy a business strategically. Let us do all the work for you!

Let’s Collaborate

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Our mission is to provide our clients with the best support possible. We look at the individual needs of each client, then use that information to tailor a specific plan that fits their profile. We provide all our clients with the resources they need to operate at their maximum capacity, which makes us better able to deliver on our promises.

We strive to help our clients achieve their goals. To do so, we pledge to be straightforward and transparent in all our dealings, to treat every client fairly and with respect, and to guarantee that high-quality services are delivered to meet defined goals. Contact or email us today!