Covina Mergers & Acquisitions is a boutique investment bank that specializes in providing merger and acquisition advisory services to middle-market companies. Our team of industry veterans has extensive experience in the food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, business services industries, etc. We work with management teams at all stages of growth to help them identify strategic alternatives for their company’s future.

With our expertise, we can help you achieve your goals by leveraging our financial resources, operational insight, and knowledge of how sellers or buyers think. This allows us to provide more value than most other firms on both sides of the table. We want to make sure that when your deal is complete it will be one everyone involved will remember as a success story for years to come!

We’ve spent years building up our expertise in M&A so that we can help entrepreneurs like yourself buy and sell their businesses faster, easier, and with less effort than ever before. Our team has handled hundreds of deals worth billions of dollars across dozens of industries. We can help you too!

Sell Your Business in Covina

Selling a business is hard. You know that you need to sell it, but you don’t want to lose money on the deal or waste your time dealing with unqualified buyers.

Covina Mergers & Acquisitions will help you find qualified buyers, negotiate fair prices and protect your interests throughout the sale process. We’ll also handle all of the paperwork involved in selling a business so that everything goes smoothly.

By choosing Covina Mergers & Acquisitions for this important task we can ensure that no matter what happens during the sale process, you get paid quickly and fairly while spending less time worrying about finding new clients after selling your company than actually running it day-to-day!

Buy a Business in Covina

The process of buying a business is complicated and confusing. There are so many different options to choose from that it can be overwhelming. You need an expert guide who knows how to help you make smart decisions every step of the way.

Covina Mergers & Acquisitions has been helping buyers buy businesses for years, and we’re proud that over 80% of our clients end up with successful acquisitions! We’ve helped small business owners like yourself find their dream companies for sale in all sorts of industries including restaurants, retail stores, medical practices, and more!

With our help, we can make sure you get all the information needed to make the right decision about purchasing your new business. We’ll also provide ongoing support after closing so that you’re successful in running and growing your new company!

Let’s Collaborate

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Covina Mergers & Acquisitions is an expert M&A advisory firm that has helped dozens of companies grow. We make it our mission to ensure you get the best deal possible when selling your company or acquiring a new one. Our team of experts will help you find the right buyer, negotiate the best terms and ultimately close on a successful transaction. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you achieve your business goals!